Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pilgrim Surf & Supply...

After getting off the Ferry we had a little mooch around Williamsburg and stopped in the Pilgrim Surf & Supply shop - a beeeeeeeeautiful new(ish) shop selling some veeeeeery nice clothes, shoes, books, films and of course surfboards...

 The whole shop was really beautifully set up, with wooden tables and shelves, the rope around the boards, mason jars with lightbulbs in, hand painted signage (I probably should have taken some photos of all of this...), it was all so great.

Most of the clothes in there were a weeeeee bit too expensive, but they had some great looking books and t-shirts that might find their way into our apartment soon.

 One of the nicest things in there was a Hess Handplane (a tiny little board that body surfers use) - I've been looking at, admiring and coveting Hess Surfboards quite a lot recently, so to be able to see one and touch one in real life was great - it was soooooo smooth and so beautifully made... if only I could surf eh!

Pilgrim's another great new shop in the slightly quiet end of Williamsburg, but was definitely worth popping into, and I'll definitely be popping back soon.

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