Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lobster Joint...

Yesterday afternoon we went over to Greenpoint to find the Lobster Joint for some... well – lobster.

Abi had read up about the Lobster Joint last week and when we realised there was one so close to us, we thought we'd better try it out. Ever since out first lobster rolls in Boston we (especially Miss Turner) have been fans, and I have to say the Lobster Joint did not disappoint...

Sanwiches between a single slice of lightly toasted bread was a pile of delicious meaty lobster. I had the club lobster roll which had avacado and bacon in it, and Abi went for the more traditional version.

The place itself was really nice, it's not very big and had a really friendly 'locals' feel, everyone seem to know each other.  It was pretty quiet when we went in, but nearly every table was taken by the time we left (they'd obviously all heard that we were there!).

If we find ourselves craving lobster rolls again and can't make it to Boston, we know where to go!

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