Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Icy Signs (again)...

So, after my failed attempt to find those decorative road signs, I decided to walk from the Manhattan Bridge over to Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Fare. On my way I passed 200 Livingston Street, where that Icy Signs space is.

As I walked by I noticed that all the boards had been taken off the windows and the doors were open, so I went over to have a nosey and see what was going on.

I poked my head in the door only to see Steve 'ESPO' Powers himself! We had a wee chat about what he was up to and when his next show was going to be (early September) and he invited me to have a look around his studio at all the pieces they were working on...

 It was great, there were pieces everywhere - pieces barely started, pieces half done, pieces done and hanging up ready to be sold. There were piles of signs, all different designs, different slogans, different sizes, they were all great.

Mr. Powers said that if I saw anything I liked, just to let him know and we'd see if 'we could sort something out'... so I asked about a piece of his that I've always liked...

Unfortunately this particular one had already sold - but he said he was working on another edition which he showed me. I asked how much it was... $4000... 'But for you my friend, as you've come all this way, $3500'... I think I might have to keep saving for that one!

It was so nice of him to be so relaxed about me looking around and taking photos, he even let me take a quick photo of him...

He's one of the biggies in the street art scene and has is synonymous with New York and Brooklyn graffiti - so he could have been a bit stand offish and have a big ego but he was so laid back and friendly.

It was so great to meet him (he's taller than I though he'd be, taller than me!) and to get to chat to him. I've seen him in documentaries and stuff and I've seen his work all over the blogs and around Brooklyn, so being able to meet the person behind all those pieces was absolutely fantastic.

 What a Wednesday!

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