Sunday, October 14, 2012

Turning Left...

I went for a wee walk this afternoon and decided to do something we hardly ever do, turn left out of our apartment.

If you turn right out of our front door you reach Cobble Hill and Fort Greene, there are some really nice shops, restaurants and bars, there's the art school and the sculpture gardens, there are lovely brown stone houses and leafy streets.

If you turn left out of our apartment, you head deeper into BedStuy, under the railway arches and into 'real' Brooklyn, where Notorious BIG used to hang out and were things are a little less gentrified. There are lots of 99c shops and fast food places, lots of Projects housing and lots more graffiti. It's a bit more like how I think Brooklyn used to be before people started moving over here from Manhattan.

Anyway, despite never going down that way, it was really interesting to walk around and see such a different side of Brooklyn just a few minutes walk from our front door...

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