Friday, October 5, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon...

Last night Abi took me on a date to the MOON!

Because we're members of the Natural History Museum (fancy) we were able to go to a special event yesterday evening at the Planetarium - A Field Trip To The Moon.

It was a special feature in their dome theatre, where we got to experience flying to the moon (including rumbling seats at takeoff!), orbiting the earth, flying through space and landing on the moon.


There were a LOT of children there, very clever children it seemed as they were able to answer all the questions much faster than any of the adults (especially the two designers sitting there trying to work out what the layer of cloud that surrounds the earth is called). I think all the adults were just as excited as the children though.

That theatre is so clever, it feels so real and almost 3D, without being 3D. It was incredibly relaxing too, sitting back and watching all the stars and stuff.

I still don't understand why we haven't been back to the moon since the 70's, and I still have NO idea how anyway worked out how to get there in the first place. I love going to the Natural History Museum, I always feel totally amazed whenever we come out of there.

As if a date on the moon was awesome enough, we went for a Shake Shack burger afterwards!

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